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How to improve landing page conversions when using clickfunnels or leadpages?

The landing page plays an important role in generating more and more conversions on your website. Most of the online business owners are not aware of the elements that can help in improving conversions on their website. In this situation, they hire the expert web designers and marketers to make several changes to their website. This is not a onetime project and the changes need to made continuously, therefore, the business owners have to hire these experts on the long-term basis.

This costs a lot of money and most of the time these so-called experts cannot generate the results that the website owner expects from them. Most of the times, these website owners find themselves completely helpless as they can’t find a solution to this problem that is constantly damaging their strength.

Fortunately, some expert web designers and marketers have prepared some platforms that can help in generating the most effective landing pages without hiring any web designers and marketers. You can now build the landing page by yourself with the help of these powerful tools and the most important thing about these software products is that they also provide you suggestions about the elements that can help in improving conversions on your website.

Instapage, Unbounce, ClickFunnels, and Leadpages are the top players in this race. These are the software products that most of the online businesses are using to improve conversions on their websites. You can try any of the above-mentioned platforms but we have found that the ClickFunnels and Leadpages are the most powerful platforms in this field. So, if you need some suggestion, we recommend that you must use the ClickFunnels or Leadpages.

In this clickfunnels vs leadpages article, we will talk about several advantages that you can obtain from these platforms.

Simple customization

You are not supposed to have any programming knowledge to make changes to your landing page. You can simply customize your landing page by yourself. You need to drag-and-drop the elements like widgets, buttons, images, texts, etc on the webpage and the landing page would be ready.

Mobile friendly templates

There is a wide range of mobile-friendly templates available on these platforms. It means that your visitors won’t feel irritated at all no matter whatever device they are using to visit your website.

Testing version

You can simply test different themes, forms, and other elements on your website before making them live. If you don’t like a change, you can simply move to another without having to worry about the previous one.

Integration with different software products

The integration with different software products is another important aspect that allows you to use your desired products on the landing page. This helps in continuously improving the effectiveness of your landing page. Click here and see more tips on how can you improve landing page conversions with the help of the clickfunnels and leadpages.…

How to design your e-commerce website to increase conversions

The Internet has proved to be of great significance since its invention. Today, it is actually a reliable solution for nearly all the day to day life activities. Most tasks are performed online, shopping among the very leading.

As such, the ecommerce platform has seen a significantly increasing popularity in the recent history. Savvy small and big companies have created websites to establish an online presence to reach more customers. From these websites, such companies try to sell their merchandise.
However, it isn’t as easy as it may seem on the face. Many potential customers may visit your website but only a few or none make a purchase. This means that the website has a very low conversion rate, aka high bounce rate, thus making your efforts to improve your business by taking it online futile.
To make things better, you therefore need to focus on key factors that can make your ecommerce website more effective and profitable.
Here are vital tips for a great ecommerce website design to help increase your conversions.

1. Articulate Designs Work

No one, not even you, likes disorganized design. If your ecommerce website appears congested simply indecent, fewer people, if any, will interested to know more about your merchandise. That leaves you with limited to zero chances of making any sales. It is therefore critical to have a focused and clean website design.
Visitors who land on your website should be able to easily and clearly notice what you offer to them. As such, keeping easily visible images of your products on the website is very important. Properly displayed product images attract the attention of potential buyers.

2. Proper Navigation

Does your ecommerce website have a proper navigation? One ecommerce website design Miami company says that you cannot record increased conversion without this. If it is not suitably designed, people may visit the website but find it difficult to navigate around it. This will easily discourage them and they are likely to consider trying a different site, leaving you with abysmal conversion rate.
When you want an effective ecommerce website, design it in a way that potential customers can easily navigate through. It allows your visitors to easily browse from page to page, conveniently viewing the displayed products. This is a key contributor to the success of your online store.

3. Display Banners for Offers

If you have any discounted offers, display a banner on your ecommerce home page to advertise the promotion. Offers are among the major customer attractions. Promoting the discounts you offer at any particular time will draw more customers.
While you create the banners for discount offers, make them as impressive as possible. For instance, use appropriate bright color themes. Again, highlighting the area on the web page where you have displayed the banners is important. You will then see increased conversion and profit.

4. Add Attractive Call-to-Action Buttons

Without a call-to-action button, your ecommerce website design is complete. As such, include them at strategic positions. How else will interested customers buy your product without the Add to Cart’ or Buy Now’ buttons? Moreover, make them attractive using eye-catching colors that impress the buyers pretty fast. If buying can be as easy as clicking a good-looking button on your website, you will see increased online sales and ratings that recommend more to buy from your website.

5. Proper Checkout Page Plan
The product photos and descriptions could be visible, attractive and articulate, and adding to cart easy. But if the checkout page plan is slow and inconvenient, you still might lose the customers. It should be designed to provide buyers efficiency when paying the bills and checking out.
People are usually impatient with delayed deals. They easily doubt if everything is safe or simply give up on the long wait. As such, to keep your online customers satisfied, coming again and inviting others, create an apt checkout page that offers confidence and efficiency. Again, KISS for your customers. That is, Keep it Short and Simple’ and your ecommerce website conversions will go high.

A prudently planned e-commerce website design plays an integral role in increasing the conversion rates of your business. Recommending good quality products for different buyers can also make them want to know about yours, widening your net for your conversions.