Do and Dont’s on ON-PAGE SEO

What is seo?

  • Search engine optimization is a superb thanks to drive organic traffic to your web log. It’s additionally a decent methodology to stay obtaining traffic for your post.
  • These square measure simple to try to and tiny changes will have a giant result on the page’s rank, thus everybody ought to optimize their website’s on-page factors.

The two main purposes of this post are:

• Provide content with an genuine “user experience”.

• Optimize content with 100% technical SEO Don’t Forget Your SEO listing.

Do on on-page seo:

Page title:

  • The page title is that the best and most vital issue of on web site SEO.
  • Keyword you wish to rank article for ought to be in the beginning of title.
  • A webpage’s title, also called a title tag or title element, and is written within the cryptography of the page. A title tag is that the main text that describes a web document. It’s the second most vital on–page SEO part.
  • The title tags containing sixty five to seventy characters.


Keyword optimization:

  • Keyword optimization (also called keyword research) is that the act of researching, analyzing and choosing the simplest keywords to focus on to drive qualified traffic from search engines to your web site.
  •  Keyword search optimization is also a significant step in initial stages of laptop programs promoting, for every paid and organic search.
  • If you are doing a nasty job at choosing your target keywords, all your future efforts can be in vain.
  • Therefore it’s very important to urge keyword optimization right. If you would like to come up with traffic through search, it’s best to try and does keyword analysis before you begin writing.
  • This way, you’ll target keywords that a precise quantity of search volume already exists.


  • A journal is one among the simplest ways in which to make a daily stream of SEO content.
  •  In general, journal posts area unit additional participating and additional doubtless to draw in links than product pages, so that they is a good thanks to build some authority for your web site.

Title tags:

  • The title tag is that the main text that describes an internet document.
  • Title tags area unit a part of the Meta tags that seem at the highest of your markup language within the < head> space.
  • Title tags are a part of what makes individuals decide whether or not to go to your web site once it shows up within the search results.
  • The title tag ought to contain vital keywords to assist the program me confirm what the page is concerning.

Keyword Placement:

  • Your most significant words (keywords) ought to be 1st in your title tag, together with your least necessary words being last within the title tag (most to least).

Keyword Separation:

  • Use pipes | to separate necessary (keyword) phrases (no commas, underscores, dashes or the other punctuation unless the keyword is written that way).

 Meta description:

  • Meta tags are an excellent method for webmasters to supply search engines with info concerning their sites.
  • Meta tags are wont to give information to any or all varieties of purchasers, and every system processes solely the Meta tags they perceive and ignores the remainder.
  • A Meta description tag may be a snip of HTML code during a online page header that summarizes the content that’s on the net page. The Meta description is typically placed when the title tag and before the Meta keywords tag.
  • Once optimizing an online page for search engines (SEO), its thought of a best observe to use Meta description tag.


<meta name=”Advent designs” content=”seo services and training, web development company in Chennai”>


Keep your Social Media Fans Engaged:

  • The content from a journal or web site, all of the knowledge you post on Twitter, Face book, Linked in, and etc. is found from the comfort of a look engine.

This necessity it’s necessary to have interaction your users within the following ways:

• Add a hash tag to your status on Face book!

• Get your content rewetted by rewetting your followers’ informative tweets.

• Include link-backs to your web site from social media sites.

• Add your address, mobile number, and business hours to your social media pages

Don’t on on-page seo:

Duplicate content:

  • Particularly once people begin linking to any or all the varied versions of the content, the matter becomes larger

Keyword stuffing:

  • Target general keywords. Build it specific. It’s easier to rank for specific long-tailed keywords than general keywords.
  • Use “revelant”keywords in Meta tags slender, do not repeat them over and every one another time. Due to past abuses, many of the most search engines not offer weight to Meta tags.
  • .If the computer program finds you victimization immaterial keywords or stuffing keywords in your Meta tags, they’re going to punish you for it.
  • Build certain your page isn’t overflowing with keywords.

On-Page SEO is especially targeted around web site content, web site structure, keyword usage in titles, headings and pictures, in conjunction with internal and external link usage.