Google 7 Box on Local SEO

Google 7 Box Explaining by  Advent Designs

Search engine optimization is a game that is always changing. Making sure that you keep up with these changes improves your chances of succeeding. Because it plays a critical role in achieving local success, local SEO is deservingly getting a lot of attention.

One of the latest trends in local search engine optimization is the emergence of the Google 7 Box. What is this and what does it mean for local SEO in Chennai? The answer to these questions and more are right here.

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Before going further, you must know what the Google 7 Box is. Also known as the Local 7 Pack, it is part of the search results that display vital information of related businesses such as its name, address, phone number, and map. It is referred to as the “7 Pack” because it displays 7 different locations most relevant to the search. For example, if you make a search using the keywords “restaurants Chennai,” you will get up to 7 restaurants located in Chennai. Of course, the results can yield less than 7 items as the search becomes more specific.

For those making local business listings in Chennai, getting into the Google 7 Box for particular local searches will prove to be a massive victory. After all, it provides another avenue for business owners to promote their business online. As long as they play their cards right, better online visibility via the 7 Pack is very much achievable.

At the same time, this system also carries its own set of challenges. Making it to the 7 Box is not that easy, and it actually just got harder. In fact, it used to display up to 10 different business results. With 3 less slots available, competition for top ranking has just got significantly tougher.

So how can you make it to local business listings in Chennai via the Google 7 Box? Here is a step-by-step process.

  1. Create a Google+  account for your local business. Once you have one, claim your business through Google and choose the option to be found on local listings.
  2. Be active in social media. Social media activity is crucial to gain both online visibility and an extra avenue to communicate with potential clients. Make sure to completely fill out your profile (especially important: your address).
  3. Create a business website. This is not required, but it is a major advantage if you already have one. This is because having a functional business website helps in enhancing rankings.

If you are interested in local SEO in Chennai, getting into the Google 7 Box can prove to be a major coup. Because almost all information about your business is already stated in the box, searching for your business becomes very easy. This is especially handy if you are looking to expand your reach beyond the local audience. Sure, residents from Chennai might already know which places to visit. However, it’s possible that visitors from outside Chennai are only relying on what they see on their Local 7 Pack. Actively seek to belong on the 7 Box as it just might turn out to be a huge break for you.