How to Submit an Article on Google news

How to add your web site on Google news:

1. Publish Original content on your web site.

  •  Google won’t add your web site to Google News if your content has been derived from or resembles the content from another supply.

2. Use titles that accurately describe the news topics.

  • Titles ought to contain between two and twenty two words and accommodates major keywords regarding the topic.

3. Publish articles of a substantial length.

  • Google News can look for content with a comfortable word-length of a minimum of 250 words which will offer price to news readers.
  • Place titles in daring piece of writing directly higher than your articles in an exceedingly news-style format.

. 4. Enlist multiple authors to get content for your web site.

  • Create a page on your {website} that displays short biographies and photos of every author to determine their presence on your site.
  • Try to use titles that square measure distinctive compared to different news sites.
  • Add bylines to every article that displays the writer’s name and also the date the article was written.

5. Generate multiple news articles on a routine.

  • Publish a minimum of three news articles per day to stay your content recent, and publish a minimum of a hundred articles before you submit your web site to Google News for review.
  •  This can demonstrate that your web site is devoted to generating updated news stories.

6. Show videos or pictures on your web site relevant to news content.

  • This might facilitate your web site seem a lot of enticing to and grab the eye of readers.

7. Show advertisements on your news web site.

  • Advertisements can facilitate prove that your web site generates a daily quantity of traffic or produces a remunerative quantity of business.
  • A sizable amount of ads might cause your web site to seem malicious to the Google News team upon review.

8. Feature AN “About” or “Contact” page on your web site.

  •   Provide contact info for your company or organization, like phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses for every author or editor.

9. Opt for an expert example or layout for your web site.

  • Choose a layout that aligns most closely with the sort of reports you feature.
  • For example, if you’re a news web site that makes a specialty of sports, you will wish to decide on a layout background of a field house, or show sidebar info regarding game scores or the dates of sporting events.

10. Work together with your webmaster on imposing specific technical needs for Google News.

  • Establish distinctive URLs for every article to permit for correct categorization by Google News. Google News can solely acknowledge URLs that contain a minimum of three digits and don’t fit years.
  • For example, Google News can index URLs with “995” within the title, however not “2010” as a result of it resembles a year.

11. Submit your web site to the Google News team for review.

  • Visit the Google web site featured within the Sources section of this text and click on on the “send us” link to access the Google News submission kind.
  • Provide your site’s info as requested by Google; like your web site address, the link that displays your contributor’s biographies, the sort of reports you offer, and more.
  • Click the “Submit” button to send your site’s info to Google News for review. you’ll be notified by Google if you web site are going to be featured in Google News at intervals seven days of your submission.

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