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Methods to get free shipping

Paying for shipping cost is something which most people don’t like at all. It’s human nature to try to get everything for minimal cost. Therefore, when a person is shopping online and adding items to their cart, they feel happy. However, when the next screen appears showing the shipping cost, many people actually feel unhappy. Therefore, if you are one of them then this place is for you as you would get to know about a few methods to get free shipping. Below is the list of few methods to get free shipping:

Apply coupon code

There are many coupons available online for getting free shipping. There are many websites available these days which have lots of coupons for getting free shipping from various online shops. You just need to browse a few websites and get the coupon you require for getting free shipping on any of your purchases.

Bulk Purchases

Bulk purchases from any single shops would solve your problem of getting free shipping. There are many shops which would give you free shipping if you purchase from them for a minimum order decided by them. You won’t have to do much in this as you are just required to try to find a shopping website and order all your requirements from one place to save yourself from paying shipping cost.

Get a subscription

If you frequently purchase online then getting a subscription from your favorite websites won’t be a problem for you as a minimal amount of subscription fee would be worth paying for. Some websites offer yearly subscription fees, while there are also others who would have a free 30 days trial. So, you can take a 30 days trial and decide whether you require to subscribe or not.

Choose a free shipping store

There are many online stores which offer free shipping even if you don’t purchase for huge amounts. Therefore, you can browse online for some time and try to find those stores who would offer you guarantee free shipping without having to purchase in bulk quantities.

Purchase on annual free shipping day


There are many online stores who offer free shipping on the annual free shipping day. No matter how small your purchase value is, you would get free shipping on that day. Therefore, if any item you love to purchase can be delayed then you can wait for that day and get free shipping on your shopping.

Getting free shipping with any item you purchase is ideal. However, sometimes it is actually better to pay for the shipping cost as there are few merchants who would give you free shipping but in return, they increase the price of the items. The merchants know how desirable is free shipping for a lot of people, so, they apply this kind of technique. Therefore, if you are purchasing anything online, you are required to take out some time and compare the prices from different websites and then decide accordingly whether paying for the shipping cost is better or getting free shipping is better.