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SEO: A Detailed Explanation

A Wikipedia search about SEO would give you the definition in the technical terms and brevity. It defines it as leveraging websites to be seen as in the top or bottom of a website search. The comprehension of SEO is vital to us because most of the humongous traffic on the internet is affected by something as simple as a single keyword. For example, if you want to sell some clock widgets, the chances of someone coming across your ad are immensely large on a famous search-engine like Google than that someone stumbling upon your ad if you were to put it up on a billboard on the outskirts of the town. It is worth noting that Google owns the largest chunk of shares in the searches that an individual does, owning up to a massive 64%, with Microsoft sites following it at 19%.

Hence, it is always wise to play with Google’s algorithms and understand how they work, if you want to place your website in the best possible place. Google constantly keeps updating how they rank websites, which typically has a plethora of factors that are taken into consideration, and wrestling with these algorithms & adapting to the newest of the techniques has become challenging over the years. The chef-d’œuvre of an algorithm that Google has designed is complex in many ways and requires one to delve deeper into it to understand it. In this digital age, it is mandatory for any business to have a strong digital presence. If you are planning to optimize your site it is better to rely on someone who can pull off things perfectly. To zero down to the best SEO service providers search for the Chicago, IL SEO.

But the below points summarise what the algorithm thirsts for when it comes to ranking the websites:

  1. Relevance, along with high-quality content, is the biggest factor that is at play when it comes to ranking.
  2. A term ‘crawling’ was coined in the tech world to depict the algorithm’s movements, which it how it moves in your website & strategically classifies your site, according to the keywords used.
  3. Quality of the website is hugely determined by a myriad of factors, but the one that dominates them is the number & quality of websites you attach to your website.
  4. It depends on how people interact with your website. People might scroll down without clicking your link, or they might not find the content in the website pertinent to what they want.
  5. Depends on how quickly the site loads on mobile.
  6. The first step in building a good website is that you must design it in a way that you think might have the keywords that a user is looking for in your website. This, in turn, has Google ranking your website higher in the list of a search. The kind of keyword you insert also matters a lot because users might be looking for a specific keyword, which hugely impacts your website.

The above concepts are just a tenor of what SEO is and how important it is in website-building. To understand it fully, a good amount of research is required.