Panda Algorithm:

Google Panda had some advanced elements to it, however the newest Google’s search algorithmic rule that aims to push the high quality content website by dooming the rank of caliber content sites.
It is introduced in 24 Feb, 2011 with the name of Farmer Update in USA. This algorithmic rule was conjointly called Farmer algorithmic rule panda had over twenty four updates until March 2013; last being on 22Jan2012.Google needs to deliver the most effective results for what you’re looking. They are doing not wish to deliver websites they deliberate to be caliber and this suggests once folks visit a website from Google’s search, if you return from that search, Google notices it and pushes you down within the search rankings.
Some of the factors we’ve seen result sites, are poor website style, sites that do not reference their articles through  the links, sites that are poor speed to load, sites that use duplicate content over and all over again. The lowest line is you would like to own a handy website and creates original content.
This includes the techniques like

Separate the poor quality content:

To prevent it from lowering the ranking of your entire website. Poor Quality content will cause the algorithmic rule to slap down your entire website even though a good deal Block the classification and crawl of all caliber content of your content is exclusive and valuable.

Focus on unique Content:

In order to stop Panda from blacklisting you, you’ve got to prevent stealing others articles, and very specialize in making unique content.

Penguin Algorithm:

The Google Penguin was the newest update of Google algorithmic rule. This update is geared toward websites that are victimization techniques that are thought of the simplest way to game Google’s Searches

The Google Penguin was initial updated on the year 2012.Penguin had simply 3 updates since its launch in last year.
once Google indexes a website, it’s at places for specific keywords, some corporations have used this stuffed keywords onto a website, or hidden text from the user, however build it visible to Google, or they get innumerable links from illegitimate websites that Google currently deliberate to be spam. This was conjointly called over improvement penalty. It brings down websites that violate Google’s Webmaster tips and use black-hat SEO techniques.

Google Penguin conjointly appearance to attempt Black hat SEO techniques that a lot of sites use to extend their computer program ranking. This includes techniques like
• Keyword stuffing inside content.
• Comment spamming by as well as links victimization an equivalent anchor text within the web site.
• Links from article directories.
• Having the unnatural internal links.
• Too several external links inform to your website that use the precise same anchor text.
• Excessive links from caliber sites.
Thus the Google Panda is regarding obtaining Google to deliver the most effective quality websites to your search results. Google Penguin keeps the people for playing with the system.

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