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Common people thinks that Web Design and web development are the same thing but ironically these are not same. The definition of Web Design typically refers to the process of designing a website or web page layout with specific alignment and often includes the graphical elements on any page or article.

Normally, the design can be developed using a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, Coral Draw, Dream wear etc. These programs provide some special frameworks for better UI(User Interface) look and direct effective for users only.

Web design rarely contains code rather than graphical representation only.

Here is a list of perfect web design –

1. Users appreciate quality and credibility

2. Users don’t read, they scan

3. Web users are impatient and insist on instant gratification

4. Users don’t make optimal choices

5. Users follow their intuition

6. Users want to have control.

7. Manage to focus users’ attention

8. Strive for feature exposure

9. Strive for simplicity

10. Communicate effectively with a “visible language”

11. Test early, test often

However, professional Web Design and Development firms use the term web design to refer the whole part of entire development of a web site due to this is the most commonly recognized term in the marketplace of website creation.

Now a Days the term Responsive was mainly focused by the designers, In responsive designs we can create cross platform layout which is suitable for PC, Laptop, Mobile Phones, Tablet. We at Advent Designs Provide Responsive Design, Web Design Service in Chennai.

This is the phase of website construction which focuses the matter for users finally look like. It means clear that web design aims to get attention from users via outer face of a website. A lot of other parameters also work in web design such as widgets, gadgets, graphic, multimedia, layout font and many more. Sophisticated components are the main tools for web design with the interest of final users.

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