While creating a website, Developer’s face lots of issues in that issue page load timing should be the main one we are here describes some tools to check page load time.

How to know my website speed?

Here may be a list of free tools to check your page load time.

There are simple speed tests, comprehensive tests with simulated traffic from round the globe, and multiple-site tests for head-to-head comparisons. Many of those tools supply suggestions to enhance a site’s performance.

Tools for website speed Analysis:

1. Google Page Speed Insights:

Google page speed Insights analyzes the content of an internet page and generates suggestions to form that page quicker.

Recommendations are supported general principles of online page performance, together with resource caching, information transfer and transfer size, and client-server round-trip times.

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 2. Yslow:

Yslow analyzes web content, suggests why they’re slow supported Yahoo!’s rules for top performance internet sites, and so offers suggestions for improvement.

When analyzing an internet page, YSlow deducts points for every crime of a rule and so applies a grade to every rule.

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3. GTmetrix:

GTmetrix uses Page Speed and YSlow to grade your site’s performance and provides recommendations to repair.

The website additionally options tools to watch your site and track its performance, like video playback and performance reports.

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4. Pingdom:

Pingdom allows you to establish what a few website is quick, slow, and too huge, yet because the best practices you’re not following. Read file sizes, load times, total web site speed and different details regarding each page part.

You will kind and filter this list in numerous ways that to spot performance bottlenecks.

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5. Web Page Analyzer:

Web Page analyzer may be an easy and simple web content speed analyzer. Enter a computer address to induce page size, composition, and transfer time. It sums up page elements, and then offers recommendation on a way to improve page load time.

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6. Load Impact:

Load Impact provides a free tool for load testing and performance testing. Check your site’s performance with mounting traffic.

Choose a worldwide load zone, and then check simulated shoppers, bandwidth, information received, and requests per second.

The tool displays a pleasant chart to live load time as further shoppers become active.

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7. OctaGate Site Timer:

OctaGate Site Timer is another simple timer for loading web site pages and page parts.

The results are conferred in a very clear chart. Part downloads are listed with begin times, affiliation times, and finish times

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8. SEO mastering:

SEOmastering.com website Speed Checker could be a easy and great tool that enables you to enter up to ten URLs to check at the same time.

Test your website against a batch of competitors at just once.

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9. WebPageTest:

Webpage test permits you to check your web site speed from multiple locations round the globe exploitation real browsers and shopper association speeds. Enter multiple URLs to match them side-by-side, or compare sites against trade pages.

Perform advanced testing, together with multi-step transactions, video capture, content block and a lot of.

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The above mentioned tools will helps you to find WEB DEVELOPMENT – WEBSITE SPEED TEST. you can analyze  your web page speed with loading timing.
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